How to get more Bang for your Money ! - A Visual Guide

Last time we discussed  how money in the hands of a "better spender" was worth more than Money in the hands of someone who wasn't as efficient a spender!

Here's a visual presentation of the many ways in which we can spend better and Get more Bang for our money!!

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Getting more Bang! for your Money

What is money I ask? 
Money, Paisa, Rupiya, Dollar, Pound, 
the thing that makes the world go round!

Economists define money as
A medium of exchange
A store of value.

I agree with them, but what does it mean in simpler terms. I’d go with the Mastercard ad, special things are priceless, for all other things, there’s Mastercard.
So money is worth all the things (economist talk  = goods & services) that you can buy with it. So is everyone’s money equal? Does a Rs.100/- with “R” = Rs.100/- with “P”?
How many of you agree?
I beg to differ….
Let me enumerate. So money being equal to all the things you can buy from it, a Rs. 100/- with R and P should be equal, isn’t it?
Apparently not! R is a smart ass, shrewd type of a guy. He makes his money go longer. With his smarts and bargaining power, he is able to buy 5 ½ kgs of tomatoes from the tomato vendor. P was able to get the same tomato vendor part with only 5 kgs for his Rs. 100/- So R got 10% more stuff for the same Rs. 100/- than P!
So just having money is not important, its how much “bang” you can get from your money that is!
Be it in being a shrewd spender, or a smart investor, some money is indeed better than other. Follow this blog and get to know how to make the most of your money, for a better, smarter and richer you!
Because some things are priceless…..